“Words without Walls” collaboration with Chatham University

Since 2012, MFA program candidates from Chatham University have consistently visited Sojourner House residents every

Words Without Walls Participant Kari Childs

Resident, Kari Childs

Thursday during Fall and Spring semesters.  The purpose: to help our women use the written word to help them cope with their respective journeys to recovery. This past semester of the Words Without Walls writing program proved to be another semester for our residents to bring self-awareness, vulnerability and talent, not to mention compassion for each other in an open-hearted environment. Resident Kari Childs graciously shared the work to be published not only in the booklet published at the end of each semester, but also on Sojourner House’s blog:

“A Stand”

Look at her she chose
to just leave. She preferred
to be with a man
that beats her. Shame
& Guilt consume her
not even heroin from
that deadly disease-infested
needle could kill her.
She takes a stand, fights
back & comes back with
all her prayers living free
of that devilish life. Stand
up you’re worth the fight.