A Motivating Transition

Since its inception in 2004, Sojourner House MOMS (Motivation Opportunities Mentoring Spirituality) has provided shelter to people in recovery and their children, to confidently transition into the community.

The MOMS program focuses on strengthening family relationships, promoting self-sufficiency, long-term sobriety, and mental health recovery.

Individuals eligible for the Sojourner House MOMS program must be:

  • Referred by the Allegheny County LINK (1-866-730-2368)
  • Homeless
  • 18 years or older who can provide proof of child custody or a current reunification plan if children are housed with someone other than the applicant
In addition, applicants must be willing to meet program expectations and work toward:
  • Drug &/or alcohol recovery
  • Mental health recovery
  • Employment & training
  • Self-sufficiency

Get Help

For information about the program, please call Sojourner House MOMS at: 412-361-1213

If you are interested in applying, please call the Allegheny County LINK at: 1-866-730-2368

Housing Services

Sojourner House MOMS supports homeless people and their children. During their stay families receive:

  • Safe, affordable housing
  • Job readiness and educational opportunities
  • Case management and referrals to community resources
  • Life skills and parenting counseling
  • Educational, recreational, and addiction prevention activities for the children

Our Negley Place neighborhood is a truly supportive community.  Residents can participate in a sustainable community gardening program, as well as a block watch.

Our mission is to shelter people in recovery and their children to confidently transition into the community.

Positive Results

  • 50 adults received housing and supportive services during the 2020-2021 Fiscal Year
  • 75 children received services
  • 98% of parents maintained legal custody of their children
  • 17 parents attended school or worked
  • 48 children made honor roll and were promoted to the next grade


Sojourner House MOMS is pleased to be a part of the Negley Place Neighborhood Alliance, a neighborhood-based organization with the following goals:

  1. Foster continued economic, ethnic, and cultural diversity by welcoming people of all backgrounds who want to build a future and make our neighborhood their home.
  2. Increasing home ownership by promoting sales, and encouraging the renovation and conversion of rental properties.
  3. Promote quality, affordable housing by supporting landlords who take responsibility for maintaining their properties and are accountable to their tenants and the neighborhood.
  4. Advocate for the repair, renovation, preservation and restoration of all neighborhood properties.
  5. Foster cleaner properties and public spaces by working to reduce and ultimately eliminate trash, litter and illegal dumping.
  6. Improve public safety by expanding participation in blockwatch networks, promoting better communications with the police and supporting on-going crime deterrence programs.
  7. Promote opportunities within the community.
  8. Advance youth opportunities by promoting programs that enrich our younger neighbors through creative play activities, mentoring and role model development.
  9. Support Community Development by partnering with neighboring Community Based Organizations and Community Development Corporations.