Breaking the Cycle

The children of substance-abusing parents often suffer silently during their parent’s addiction.  Multiple episodes of homelessness coupled with the unstable lifestyle associated with parental addiction, have caused sporadic school attendance or multiple school changes during a school year.  As a result they often fall behind in primary subjects and lack the resources to catch up. In addition, many children experience neglect or are removed from their parent’s custody during their active addiction, leading to abandonment issues and attachment disorders.

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Children’s Services

In addition to supportive family counseling aimed at strengthening families and overcoming past traumas, Sojourner House and Sojourner House MOMS offer programs to address the specific needs of our child participants.

  • All child residents receive a full screening and assessment to identify learning problems and inform individualized intervention plans.
  • State-of-the-art Learning Centers, designed and installed by Homeless Children’s Education Fund, provide age-appropriate educational resources for the children, youth and parents.  Each center is equipped with computers, educational software and a lending library, and offer after school activities that provide educational, social, and emotional support.
  • In cooperation with East Liberty Development, Inc. and the Negley Neighborhood Alliance, Sojourner House MOMS spearheaded development of the MOMS Green Play Yard, a sustainable playground built from recycled materials that replaced two blighted, demolished properties adjacent to our apartment complex.