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A Look Back On A Year of Resilience & Endurance

The Sojourner House annual report highlights our accomplishments, shares stories of recovery, and thanks the generous donors and volunteers who help our staff and support our mission. As we began work on our latest annual report, we knew we had quite a story to tell about aspects of 2020 and 2021 — two very tumultuous years. All of us, individuals … Read More

Meet Steven Renfro, aka Mr. Steve

Few people have worked with Sojourner House as long as Steven Renfro. Mr. Steve, as he is known here, has been our Property Maintenance Manager for almost two decades, maintaining the spaces that are most critical to our mission. His care helps to provide the women and families we serve with warm, safe living spaces while they heal, reconnect, and ... Read More

Meet Yvonne Hudson

Won’t You Be My Neighbor Our new Director of Advancement at Sojourner House has been working regularly in East Liberty for the past decade, most recently for Quantum Theatre, just across the hall.  Yvonne Potts Hudson discovered Sojourner House was as dynamic as its fellow nonprofits in the neighborhood. Before joining Sojourner House, she worked in development for Quantum as ... Read More

Donating to charity from your IRA

Did you know that you can donate up to $100,000 to a qualified charity (or charities) from your IRA beginning at age 70½? This is called a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), and if done correctly, can allow you to donate to charities you care about while potentially lowering your tax bill. Why would I want to make a Qualified Charitable … Read More

Meet Tracey-Ann White

Tracey White has served as the Lead Recovery Support Specialist at Sojourner House for six years. But that is not where her story with the organization starts. Sojourner House has played a part in Tracey's life for 26 years. In 1995, she started her recovery journey in Apartment 9. After she completed her six-month program, she said she didn’t want ... Read More

Meet Dolores Mitchell

We have good and bad news to share. Sojourner House’s Program Manager Dolores Mitchell, lovingly known as Ms. D, is retiring this month!  With 22 years of service at Sojourner House, Dolores is someone we run to when we have a problem knowing she’s always happy to help. To celebrate her retirement, we chatted with Dolores to learn about her ... Read More

Panel Recap: Recovery from Substance Use Disorder

We brought together our partners in the community to discuss recovery from substance use disorder, what recovery looks like today, and how the community can help shape its future. Here are some insights from this virtual panel discussion.

Meet Latresa Zak

We are excited to welcome Latresa Zak, MSW, to Sojourner House as our new Director of Clinical Services. Latresa has a deep passion for helping people in need. Through a conversation with Latresa, one is easily empowered by her words of compassion and moved by her work of assisting families in substance-use recovery.

30 Years of Sojourner House: An Interview with Norma Raiff

This year, Sojourner House celebrates its 30 year anniversary. In honor of this milestone, we will highlight pivotal figures and moments in Sojourner House’s esteemed history, throughout 2021.

In honor of … Gayle King

In honor of Black History Month, Sojourner House will highlight inspirational female roles from black history, each week in February.  Gayle King is the final woman to be highlighted this month. Gayle King is an American television personality, author and broadcast journalist for CBS News. She co-hosts its flagship morning program, CBS This Morning, a position she has held since its debut in 2012. She is also an ... Read More

In honor of … Kara Walker

By Lindsey HayakawaFeb. 17, 2021 In honor of Black History Month, Sojourner House will highlight inspirational female roles from black history, each week in February.  Kara Walker is the third woman to be highlighted. Kara Walker is an American contemporary painter, silhouettist, print-maker, filmmaker, and installation artist.  Walker was born in Stockton, CA, in 1969, but was raised in Atlanta, ... Read More

In honor of … Amanda Gorman

By Lindsey Hayakawa Feb. 10, 2021 In honor of Black History Month, Sojourner House will highlight inspirational female roles from black history, each week in February.  Amanda Gorman is the second woman to be highlighted. Amanda Gorman is an American poet and activist.  Gorman was born in Los Angeles, CA, in 1998.  Gorman graduated cum laude from Harvard University in ... Read More

In honor of …. Sojourner Truth

By Lindsey Hayakawa Feb. 3, 2021 In honor of Black History Month, Sojourner House will highlight inspirational female roles from black history, each week in February.  Deservedly, Sojourner Truth is the first woman to be highlighted. Sojourner House stands on her shoulders, by caring and showing compassion to the people we serve.  Sojourner Truth’s story and accomplishments inspire us to ... Read More

Sojourner House Executive Director took part in Women & Workplace Wellness panel discussion

By Lindsey Hayakawa Jan. 25, 2021 Self-care. Work-life balance.  Effective coping strategies.  Addressing harassment. All of these are crucial topics to discuss. And that they were, during “Women & Workplace Wellness,” a recent virtual panel discussion hosted by Ola Jackson, owner of Onyx Women Network (OWN). The candid discussion, sponsored by Highmark and Allegheny Health Network, took place on Dec. … Read More

Kenia Ashby and friends donate toys to Sojourner House

Luciana Brussi and about a dozen friends of Sojourner House supporter Kenia Ashby recently collected toys for Sojourner House’s children, to be distributed on Christmas. The donations, dropped off Dec. 14, were in honor of Kenia, a loyal friend of Sojourner House.  A Brazilian jazz singer, Kenia and her band shared their talents during Sojourner House’s virtual Victorian Tea in August. ... Read More

Long-time Sojourner House friend meets with residents via Zoom

By Katie Orr Sept. 30, 2020 Sojourner House friend Patty Jasko has spoken with Sojourner House and Sojourner House MOMS residents numerous times over the past several years, to share her story of addiction and recovery.  Patty scheduled yet another visit – originally set for April – in February, before COVID-19 took hold of the world. But the Florida resident … Read More

Sojourner House Executive Director, De’netta Benjamin-Miller, receiving Pittsburgh Circle of Courage Award during virtual event on Aug. 21

Bynums Marketing & Communications, Inc. and BCC Ministries Go Virtual With the 2020 Pittsburgh Circle of Courage Awards; Event Celebrates 10 Years of Honoring Persons of Faith and Courage Bynums Marketing & Communications, Inc. and BCC Ministries are pleased to present the Tenth Annual Pittsburgh Circle of Courage Awards scheduled for Friday, August 21, 2020, at 6:45 p.m. In sensitivity ... Read More

A Message For Social Justice

Dear Friends of Sojourner House, One of the first objects that our clients, staff, volunteers, and guests see upon entering our building is a photo of great African-American preacher Sojourner Truth. As many of you know, our 29-year-old organization was named after Sojourner Truth who was nothing short of a heroine and a role model for all generations that have … Read More

The CDC’s Guide on PPE

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has developed educational materials for using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Click on the buttons below to see the educational materials which provide instructions for putting on PPE, taking off PPE, and disposing of PPE. The Infection Control Guidance page on the CDC’s website provides more information for healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals.

Meet Three Members of Our Amazing Staff

We asked three staff members at Sojourner House/MOMS how the COVID-19 pandemic has been impacting their work and home lives. Matt Lewis, Director of Finance & Operations at Sojourner House Where did you grow up? “I was raised in Mars, PA.” When did you start working at Sojourner House? “October 2017” What is your typical workday like during the COVID-19 … Read More

Gov. Wolf: Support & Referral Helpline Created for Pennsylvanians in Need of Behavioral Health Resources and Referrals During COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

04/03/2020 Press Release from the PA Department of Human Services: https://www.media.pa.gov/pages/DHS_details.aspx?newsid=513 Harrisburg, PA – The Department of Human Services (DHS) today announced the launch of a statewide Support & Referral Helpline staffed by skilled and compassionate caseworkers who will be available 24/7 to counsel Pennsylvanians struggling with anxiety and other challenging emotions due to the COVID-19 emergency and refer them to … Read More

Sojourner House & Sojourner House MOMS Response to COVID-19

Updated: April 23, 2020 In response to COVID-19, all Sojourner House and Sojourner House MOMS non-direct care staff are working remotely until Friday, May 15. Sojourner House and Sojourner House MOMS are considered to be essential, life-sustaining services.  Please know that our programs are operating and continuing to accept clients while our staff members practice universal precautions for screening and … Read More

Introducing this Year’s Victorian Tea Honorary Chair, Leah Lizarondo

Leah Lizarondo is the CEO and co-founder of Food Rescue Hero and 412 Food Rescue, social enterprises with a technology, logistics and civic engagement model that aims to fight hunger and promote sustainability by preventing perfectly good food from entering the waste stream and directly distributing to organizations that benefit those who are food insecure. Founded in 2015, 412 Food Rescue is one of … Read More

Albert Anthony Real Estate share the Valentine’s Day Love with Sojourner House

Thanks to our new friends at Albert Anthony Real Estate, Sojourner House families were able to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little early this year. Volunteers from Albert Anthony Real Estate provided a wonderful Valentine’s Day-themed celebration the evening of Feb. 10, for the families of Sojourner House.  Phillip and Colleen Anthony and Jenny Butler decorated for the holiday, and prepared ... Read More

Meet Nishauna

Nishauna Ball joined the Sojourner House board in June 2019 and joined the Sojourner House MOMS board in November 2019; however, her relationship with Sojourner House is a lifelong one and one that has played a pivotal role in the course she has taken in life.  Nishauna is Program Development Manager at Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery (POWER). … Read More

Words Without Walls Receives 2020 Pearl of Hope Award

Sarah Shotland was in her first year of her MFA program at Chatham University, when her program director, Sheryl St. Germain, mentioned that she taught creative writing at a women’s prison when she was in grad school. St. Germain mentioned that she would love to start something similar at Chatham, if any of the students would be interested. Soon thereafter, … Read More

Christmas Day Mitzvah is Holiday Tradition

In the time of year when so many think about giving and giving back, Sojourner House is blessed with a great deal of love and support during the holiday season. One of the annual holiday traditions the residents and families enjoy is a Christmas dinner prepared and served by Mitzvah Day volunteers. Mitzvah Day is a holiday tradition where Pittsburgh’s ... Read More

Meet De’netta

Our staff are full of amazing talent and skill and we want to share their stories with you. And no better person to start with than our new Executive Director, De’netta Benjamin-Miller. Introduction Name De’netta Benjamin-Miller, Executive Director What interested you about this position? The leadership position interests me because it was aligned with my passions. I’m a licensed clinical … Read More

16th Annual Victorian Tea Honorary Chair, Leah Lizarondo

Leah Lizarondo is the CEO and co-founder of Food Rescue Hero and 412 Food Rescue, social enterprises with a technology, logistics and civic engagement model that aims to fight hunger and promote sustainability by preventing perfectly good food from entering the waste stream and directly distributing to organizations that benefit those who are food insecure. Founded in 2015, 412 Food Rescue is one of … Read More

New Board Member’s Work is A Family Affair

Oct. 25, 2019 New Sojourner House board member Ron Szwarc has wasted no time introducing himself to the Sojourner House community. This fall, Ron has spoken with the staff and Sojourner House mothers, not about his board work, but about his years in recovery. In 1981, Ron’s drinking led him to his first stint in rehab while in the Air … Read More

Please Welcome Our New Leader, De’netta Benjamin-Miller!

Sojourner House and Sojourner House MOMS recently announced the appointment of De’netta Benjamin-Miller as Executive Director. Ms. Benjamin-Miller steps into the role on Oct. 14, 2019. The boards of both Sojourner House and Sojourner House MOMS recognize Susan Orr, Interim Executive Director and current Director of Development, for her service during the transition. The hiring of Ms. Benjamin-Miller is a result … Read More

Point Park University’s Honors Student Organization supporting Sojourner House

At the beginning of each academic year, Point Park University’s prestigious Honors Student Organization chooses a local nonprofit organization as its Donation Drive recipient. Much to our delight, this year’s recipient was Sojourner House. Approximately 120 students brought their donations to the organization’s Aug. 19 Welcome Dinner. The huge amount of donations included cleaning supplies, toiletries, hygiene products, paper towels, … Read More

Sojourner House class at Union Project helps residents visualize their recovery transformation

When faced with a lump of clay, it can be hard to imagine it turning into anything else, let alone something beautiful and useful. And often, at the beginning of a recovery journey, it is equally difficult to look at an addicted life and see the beauty that lies inside it. Sojourner House has partnered with with Union Project to … Read More

The Murrysville Bible Study Group

By Lindsey Hayakawa Sept. 5, 2019 For the past 2 years, the residents of Sojourner House have been given the opportunity to attend a Bible Study every other Monday evening.  Millicent Novic is the organizer behind the volunteer-run group that provides bi-weekly Bible Study, child care and dinner for the families.  The idea initially came to Millicent as a way … Read More

Sojourner House MOMS Summer Camp

The Sojourner House MOMS summer camps are a vital and fun aspect of the Sojourner House mission to support mothers and their children transition to a healthy and substance-free life. Every summer, the elementary school-age children of Sojourner House clients are given an opportunity to learn and grow while enjoying all that summer in Pittsburgh has to offer. A summer … Read More

Ann Brooks Created a Legacy of Volunteerism

The 26th Annual Strawberry Festival at Shadyside Presbyterian Church took place in early June and was a sweet and tasty way to spend a beautiful early summer evening.  The proceeds from this event provide valuable support of day-to-day essentials for the women in the treatment program.  Sojourner House has been adopted as the beneficiary of this annual summer celebration for … Read More

Liz Wasel has a front row seat to changes in families and volunteers

Liz Wasel is Sojourner House’s Childcare Development Specialist and Volunteer Coordinator. When she came to the organization nearly 11 years ago, her first project was to bring structured programming like story and circle time to the children’s services. She soon added “Volunteer Coordinator” to her job duties. In these positions, she witnesses changes in people every day. She marvels at … Read More

Parting Words of Wisdom from Outgoing Executive Director Joann Cyganovich

After nearly 12 years as the Executive Director of Sojourner House, Joann Cyganovich is retiring and moving onto the next adventure. But during her time with the organization, she has helped to usher in some dramatic changes and major steps forward for the organization and their goals of helping mothers struggling with addiction to get the help that they need … Read More

Annual Victorian Tea Fundraiser Honorary Co-Chairs Janet and Harris Ferris are Strong Believers in the Importance of Sojourner House

2019 marks the 15th annual Victorian Tea, an annual fundraiser event geared toward raising funds and awareness for Sojourner House. The annual high tea brings hundreds of mothers, daughters, fathers and sons to come enjoy tea and pastries and enjoyable entertainment and programming, and most importantly to help contribute money towards Sojourner House and their mission of providing rehabilitation, treatment, … Read More

Sojourner House Executive Director to Retire

After nearly 12 years at the helm of Sojourner House, Executive Director Joann Cyganovich will retire on June 30. Sojourner House has experienced a stellar past decade-plus of growth, and an increasingly well-regarded reputation. Much of that can be attributed to Joann.  Highlights of her tenure at Sojourner House include, but certainly aren’t limited to: Spearheading the creation of MOMS … Read More

Sojourner House, Family Links and POWER Join Forces to form Pennsylvania Treatment Alliance, Combating The Opioid Epidemic

The Pennsylvania Treatment Alliance is a recently formed collaboration between three organizations focused on combating the opioid epidemic in Western Pennsylvania, with a specific emphasis on treatment for women and families. The Alliance is a combined effort between Sojourner House, which provides compassionate, faith-based addiction recovery services to women and their children; Family Links, an organization committed to building healthy … Read More

“Words without Walls” collaboration with Chatham University

Since 2012, MFA program candidates from Chatham University have consistently visited Sojourner House residents every Thursday during Fall and Spring semesters.  The purpose: to help our women use the written word to help them cope with their respective journeys to recovery. This past semester of the Words Without Walls writing program proved to be another semester for our residents to bring self-awareness, … Read More

Sojourner House Among Proud Participants of “Hopeful Responses to Addiction” Community Forum

Christian Associates of Southwest Pennsylvania and the Center for Loving Kindness and Civic Engagement at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh hosted a community forum on Nov. 19 called “Hopeful Responses to Addiction,” geared toward addressing issues related to addiction in the Pittsburgh region. The event took place at the Jewish Community Center in Squirrel Hill. Approximately 50 guests ... Read More

Maelene Myers to be 2019 Pearl of Hope Recipient

Maelene Myers, 2019 pearl of hope recipient For someone who doesn’t like to be in the spotlight, Maelene Myers has been nothing short of a lighthouse in the East End community for more than two decades.  And for Sojourner House MOMS, Myers has played a pivotal decision-making role forming and developing Sojourner House MOMS since it opened in 2004. As ... Read More

25th Annual Strawberry Festival

Shadyside Presbyterian Church’s 25th annual Strawberry Festival, which took place on June 8 on the lawn of the church, was once again an evening full of great fun and great camaraderie. Proceeds from the event have benefited Sojourner House for the past eight years. Read all about the festival in the Summer 2018 of issue of Shady Ave magazine.       … Read More

Thank you, 14th Annual Victorian Tea Supporters!

At Sojourner House’s signature fundraiser, the 14th Annual Victorian Tea, 350 guests attended the on Sunday, April 15, 2018, raising over $60,000.  The event was chaired by Nancy Davis, Sojourner House board member.  Special thanks to honorary chair, Karin Mayr, Founder and CEO of Sabika Jewelry.  This year’s Pearl of Hope recipient was Lynne Chadwick, CAO and Director of Risk & Compliance … Read More

Words Without Walls Poetry Reading Video

Please check out our new video!   This video had its debut at the 14th Annual Victorian Tea. Sojourner House opened its doors to Chatham University’s Words Without Walls program in 2012.  During Words Without Walls, MFA students visit Sojourner House each week to teach creative writing.  At the end of each semester, our residents present their work to the public … Read More

Triple Your Impact with AmazonSmile from March 12-31

Amazon is tripling the donation amount to 1.5% when customers make their first eligible smile.amazon.com purchase from March 12 - 31!  Go to smile.amazon.com/ch/25-1737004 and Amazon donates to Sojourner House.

You’re Invited! 14th Annual Victorian Tea Tickets Available Now!

Tickets are now on sale for Sojourner House's 14th Annual Victorian Tea! (Please note the early-bird ticket special offer!)  Please help us celebrate the successes of our families and to support us as we continue our fight to keep families together so they can become healthy, productive citizens of our community. Please click here to purchase tickets We look forward to seeing you ... Read More

Sabika founder/CEO Karin Mayr named Victorian Tea honorary chair; long-time supporter Lynne Chadwick named Pearl of Hope recipient

Sojourner House’s 14th Annual Victorian Tea – to take place Sunday, April 15, 2018, 2-4 p.m., at Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall at the Priory – promises to be a very special afternoon, thanks to supporters of Sojourner House, new and old alike. Karin Mayr, founder and CEO of nationally renowned company Sabika Jewelry which is based in Pittsburgh, will be this year’s honorary chair. Karin’s story is an … Read More

“Inside Out: Mothers Who Have Survived Overdose” Panel Discussion

Sojourner House is teaming up with POWER and Women’s Press Club to present “Inside Out: Mothers Who Have Survived Overdose,” Thursday, Nov. 9 at 7 p.m., at East End Cooperative Ministry, 6140 Station St., East Liberty. The evening will include a candid panel discussion about the opiate epidemic that is overtaking our nation and its effects locally, especially on women … Read More

Carnegie Mellon University’s 1000plus Day of Service

Several students from Carnegie Mellon University volunteered at Sojourner House during CMU’s annual 1000Plus Day of Service, on Saturday, October 7, 2017. During the event, the volunteers performed yard work and cleaned the property surrounding Sojourner House’s East Liberty residence. Lending a helping hand were Interim CMU president, Farnam Jahanian, and Jim Rohr, Chairman of the Board. 1000plus is a … Read More

Sista to Sista Picnic & Memorial Service 2017

Cool temperatures didn’t keep the Sojourner House and Sojourner House MOMS family from celebrating in a big way at its annual Sista to Sista Picnic on August 24, 2017, in Highland Park.  Lots of fun and lots of food was had by all. The afternoon also included a heartfelt memorial service remembering loved ones the Sojourner House/MOMS family has lost … Read More

Alex + Ani “Charmed by Charity” Fundraising Event to Support Sojourner House

Attention, back-to-school shoppers! You’re invited to Alex and Ani Pittsburgh’s “Charmed by Charity” event to support Sojourner House … in Shadyside AND at Ross Park Mall! We hope you can stop by Alex and Ani Pittsburgh’s “Charmed by Charity” event Wednesday, Aug. 23, 3-5 p.m., at 5505 Walnut St., Shadyside, and at Ross Park Mall. Enjoy refreshments and explore the newest … Read More

Cyganovich Celebrates 10 Years as Sojourner House Executive Director

Sojourner House has experienced a stellar past decade of growth, and an increasingly well-regarded reputation. Much of that can be attributed to Joann Cyganovich, who celebrated her 10th anniversary as Sojourner House’s Executive Director, in July. Joann has dedicated the majority of her career to helping thousands of people throughout the Pittsburgh-region – namely, women and children – improve their … Read More

Petting Zoo at MOMS Summer Camp 2017

The children at MOMS Summer Camp had a blast feeding and petting the baby farm animals on Thursday, July 13th!  Barn Yard Petting Zoo brought a baby camel, zebra, llama, donkey, cows, goats, lambs, ducklings, chicks and a little piglet!  There were even pony rides.  Despite the heat, everyone had a great time being with the animals.  Please check out … Read More

Negley Place Community Day 2017

A crowd of 75 people enjoyed great company, a delicious potluck picnic and cool jazz on a summer afternoon when Sojourner House MOMS residents and their neighbors celebrated 27 years of community-building, at its Community Day on July 30. Sojourner House MOMS has been a part of its neighborhood community since it opened in 2004.  Please check out our Facebook … Read More


Kholsen D. Hightower, who joined Sojourner House in March as the Human Resources Generalist, will soon take on an additional role: as board president of the Pittsburgh Chapter of The National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR).  Hightower will officially become president at NAAAHR’s launch and induction ceremony on Thursday, August 10, 2017, at the Rivers Casino Allegheny … Read More

Fun had by all at Strawberry Festival!

The skies cleared in time for Shadyside Presbyterian Church’s 24th Annual Strawberry Festival the evening June 9. Hundreds of attendees – including Sojourner House and Sojourner House MOMS families — enjoyed each other’s company while playing games and eating “everything strawberry” … and all the while, supporting Sojourner House MOMS. For numerous years, Shadyside Presbyterian has selected Sojourner House to … Read More

Shadyside Presbyterian Strawberry Festival: “Berry” Good Time for a Good Cause!

The 24th Annual Shadyside Presbyterian Church Strawberry Festival will take place THIS Friday, June 9, 5:30-8 p.m., at the church, 5121 Westminster Place! The Shadyside congregation will host a traditional evening of fun, games and delicious food to celebrate the arrival of summer and once again support one of its mission partners … Sojourner House! With something for everyone, the festival offers a … Read More

Sojourner House Celebrates Volunteers at Annual Recognition Dinner

Volunteers are part of the backbone of Sojourner House and Sojourner House MOMS. As a matter of fact, hundreds of volunteers support Sojourner House and MOMS throughout the year, every year. That’s why Sojourner House makes a point of celebrating and recognizing its volunteers each spring. Liz Wasel, Childcare Development and Volunteer Coordinator, coordinated this year’s dinner, which took place … Read More

Video of A Day in the Life at Sojourner House

Please check out our new video! A day in the life of the residents of Sojourner House and Sojourner House MOMS. This video had its debut at the 13th Annual Victorian Tea.  To view more photos from the 2017 Victorian Tea, please visit our Facebook page and our twitter page @SojournerHousePA. Please feel free to share.

March 16th – Amazon will be donating 5% on eligible purchases to Sojourner House!

In celebration of Amazon being ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by the ACSI —and to say thank you to our customers for their support—on Thursday, March 16 only, Amazon will donate 5% (10 times our usual donation rate) of the price of eligible products customers purchase at smile.amazon.com.  This offer begins at 12:00 AM Pacific Time, and expires at 11:59 … Read More

HCEF Children’s Science Workshop at Sojourner House MOMS

HCEF awarded Sophie Roe a grant to recently conduct a science workshop for children.  Roe calls Pittsburgh, PA her home and is currently attending Pomona College in Claremont, CA.  The grant for this science learning project was given by The Draper Center for Community Partnerships, Pomona's community engagement center, where Roe works as a student coordinator. When asked, Roe chose ... Read More

Art Expressions Class for the Children at Sojourner House MOMS

Art Expressions lead an ornament making class with 5 children from Sojourner House MOMS at Sankofa.  The children ranged from age 5 to age 12.  First, the children were given a small, canvas board to paint on.  Then, they were given sequins and beads to glue onto their painted ornament.   The children had so much fun mixing the colors and ... Read More

Pittsburgh Glass Works Donates Wreath Making Session

For the holiday season, Pittsburgh Glass Works has volunteered at Sojourner House.  They have generously provided the residents of Sojourner House with a continental breakfast and a wreath making session.  PGW served breakfast to the mothers and children.  After breakfast, PGW demonstrated how to make a Christmas wreath.  Staff, residents and volunteers helped each other create the most beautiful Christmas … Read More

Support Sojourner House While you Shop on smile.amazon.com!!

Support Sojourner House. When you shop at smile.amazon.com, Amazon donates.

Midas Fundraiser to Support Sojourner House

Midas has generously partnered with the Sojourner House for fundraising!  For a donation of just $20 you will receive a card with two coupons: one “free” and “half-off” a second regular oil change –or– you can redeem the coupons for $20 and $15 off any service.  Most Pittsburgh area Midas locations are participating.  Please see the coupon for all the … Read More

Sojourner House Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Sojourner House commemorated its 25th anniversary with a celebration dinner at the Mt. Washington LeMont Restaurant on Thursday, October 6th honoring the Sojourner House founders, past and present board members, staff, and women in recovery.   The event was sponsored by the LeMont, Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church, and Anna and Ed Dunlap.  The program, emceed by Cori Parise,  included remarks from ... Read More

Riding for Recovery

Message Carrier’s of Pennsylvania’s Recovery Light's Up The Night Bike Ride on September 19th, had quite a damp outcome as riders were drenched as they perched their bikes at the starting line. The 7-mile bike ride around the East End of Pittsburgh was reduced to a quick loop around the neighborhood as drizzle turned to downpours. The event, which was held in honor ... Read More

Residents Learn the Art of T’ai Chi

Recently, mothers of Sojourner House had the opportunity to attend a T'ai Chi session at Still Mountain T'ai Chi and Chi Kung. Meditation is a natural way of helping with stress, anxiety and overall well-being. As a part of the curriculum for the Mind and Body group at Sojourner House, the women learn various holistic therapies. Tai Chi is an ... Read More

Double the impact of your gift!

Sojourner House celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. To honor the occasion, FISA Foundation has agreed to generously match donations from new or former donors, dollar for dollar, from now until the end of December.   If you have never given to Sojourner House or if it has been two or more years since you last donated, please take advantage of ... Read More

Watch Now: “Fight Song” Video

You can now watch and share Sojourner House's 25th anniversary film, "Fight Song."  Set to Rachel Platten's song by the same name, the video debuted at the 12th Annual Victorian Tea. Carolyn Klasnick Brooks of Post Script Productions filmed and produced the film. The video features founding board member Peggy Reding and staff member JoAnn English, who opened the doors to Sojourner House in 1991 and ... Read More

Thank you, Victorian Tea supporters!

A record-breaking 375 guests attended the 12th Annual Victorian Tea on April 10, raising over $60,000.  The event was chaired by Christie Smith, Sojourner House board member and Sojourner House MOMS board treasurer.  Special thanks to honorary co-chairs Pittsburgh City Councilman Dan Gilman and his wife Amanda Gilman.  Kathy Slencak, Manager of Public Relations at CentiMark Corporation and CentiMark Foundation was this year's ... Read More

Dan and Amanda Gilman to serve as Victorian Tea Honorary Chairs

Sojourner House is proud to announce the honorary chairs of the 12th Annual Victorian Tea will be Pittsburgh City Councilman Dan Gilman and his wife, Amanda Gilman. The event chair will be Christie Smith, member of the Sojourner House board of directors and treasurer of the Sojourner House MOMS board. Kathy Slencak, Manager of Public Relations at CentiMark Corporation and CentiMark … Read More

Gloria Brown Retires

In 1995, tucked away in an office no larger than most bathrooms, and just four years after the organization’s founding, Gloria Brown began her tenure with Sojourner House. Brown has been counting numbers her entire life. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Brown was what most would consider a “math wiz.” Originally studying to be a social work major, Brown … Read More

Sowing Seeds of Hope

Twelve families from Sankofa will use the garden at the Kelly Street facility, as well as the women and children of Open Arms, located nearby on Frankstown Avenue. Community neighbors are welcome to use the garden, as long as they request permission from a Sojourner House MOMS employee.

Sojourner House MOMS Summer Camp 2015

For children at Sojourner House MOMS, summer was packed with educational experiences. With field trips, science lessons, and creating their own works of art, the children at MOMS had a full itinerary. Learn more about our summer camp.

Rites of Passage

During recovery, residents gather to observe rituals symbolizing their journey on the road to recovery. Led by counselor and assistant clinical supervisor, Karen Garland, mothers share prayers, words of inspiration and motivation, and congratulations on reaching milestones in their recovery.

Sankofa Open House

Blue skies and sunshine greeted over 70 guests who gathered on May 6 to celebrate the grand opening of Sojourner House MOMS at Sankofa. Valerie McDonald-Roberts, Chief Urban Affairs Officer for Mayor Peduto’s administration, cut the ribbon at the event, culminating three years of extensive planning and community support.

Sojourner House Residents Learn the Art of T’ai Chi

Creating a new Mind and Body Group at Sojourner House, Program Assistant and Group Facilitator, Tara Irwin has partnered with the community to bring worthwhile experiences to the women in the program. In just the first few months of the group, residents have practiced guided meditation, visited a Himalayan Salt Cave and attended a T’ai Chi class at Still Mountain T’ai … Read More

Thank You 2015 Victorian Tea Donors and Sponsors

A record-breaking 350 guests attended Sojourner House’s 11th Annual Victorian Tea on April 19, which raised over $50,000. Taking place at Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall at the Priory, the tea highlighted “Perspectives of Recovery,” and featured live testimonials of a program graduate, her mother, her CYF caseworker and Sojourner House lifeskills worker. The event was chaired by board member Sarah Mayer, … Read More