Cyganovich Celebrates 10 Years as Sojourner House Executive Director

Sojourner House has experienced a stellar past decade of growth, and an increasingly well-regarded reputation. Much of that can be attributed to Joann Cyganovich, who celebrated her 10th anniversary as Sojourner House’s Executive Director, in July.

Joann has dedicated the majority of her career to helping thousands of people throughout the Pittsburgh-region – namely, women and children – improve their lives. Her reputation has been built on competence, compassion, knowledge, and commitment. Joann’s influence reaches far and wide, not only to residents, but staff, board members, volunteers, colleagues, and other supporters outside of Sojourner House’s walls.

“I don’t feel like I “chose” this career path but that it was chosen for me. The path opened and I went down that path,” said Joann. I especially love Sojourner House because the mission serves the entire family, not to mention that some of the most kind and generous people I have ever met are those that surround Sojourner House – what a wonderful community.”