A Look Back On A Year of Resilience & Endurance

Sojourner House 2020-21 Annual Report Featured Image

Sojourner House 2020-21 Annual Report Featured ImageThe Sojourner House annual report highlights our accomplishments, shares stories of recovery, and thanks the generous donors and volunteers who help our staff and support our mission. As we began work on our latest annual report, we knew we had quite a story to tell about aspects of 2020 and 2021 — two very tumultuous years.

All of us, individuals and nonprofit organizations alike, have stories to share about navigating life during the COVID-19 pandemic. But no single story can properly describe our journey since 2020. That’s why our report features a number of stories of partnership, collaboration, and success. In addition, the insight of our organization and board leadership reflect on their experience, and statistics and financials are a testament to the lives changed in our programs.

Recovery and Success

At Sojourner House, our team walks beside every woman through her recovery journey — even when we physically must walk six feet apart. Despite the pandemic, program participants continued to succeed in their journeys. From so many stories of success, three were chosen to highlight some of the different paths program participants take in reaching the same destination: recovery.

We also reflect on how we adapted and continued to fulfill our mission while combating new challenges. For example, a new financial literacy need arose as program participants received pandemic stimulus checks. Enhanced health and safety measures were also a necessity as staff and program participants alike navigated social distancing and masking needs in their daily routines.

Collaboration and Partnerships

As Sojourner House continued to carry out our mission, the connection, collaboration, and unity of new and old friends were essential parts of our work and success. Some of our local partnerships highlighted in the annual report include:

A Year of Resilience and Endurance

Sojourner House found much to celebrate – including our 30th anniversary – in looking back on these past years. We believe this period is defined more by resilience and endurance than the virus that challenged us. We are very grateful that in a time of uncertainty and fear, our staff, clients, and donors carried on and grew in strength. While the way we worked changed, our mission stayed the same. 

Our full report is now available here for you to read from the comfort of home. Now, we look forward to working with you to serve our families in the months ahead!