Sojourner House Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Sojourner House commemorated its 25th anniversary with a celebration dinner at the Mt. Washington LeMont Restaurant on Thursday, October 6th honoring the Sojourner House founders, past and present board members, staff, and women in recovery.   The event was sponsored by the LeMont, Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church, and Anna and Ed Dunlap.  The program, emceed by Cori Parise,  included remarks from Dana Gold, Founding Executive Director; Dr. Norma Raiff, Former Executive Director; and Joann Cyganovich, Current Executive Director.  There was also the debut of our 25th Anniversary Video, which provides accounts from our founders, past residents as well as former and current staff.

The recovery work of the women, and the long-term committed care of staff  and volunteers was recognized.  JoAnn English, MOMS Program Manager, senior staff member was honored for her 25 years of service.  Mary Pardee, principal founding member’s legacy was recognized with the announcement of a commissioned plaque that will be placed in the foyer of the Sojourner House.

Dr. Norma Raiff, Hearne Pardee

Dr. Norma Raiff, Former Executive Director, presenting award to Hearne Pardee

Guest-of-honor, Hearne Pardee of Davis, California, Ms. Pardee’s son, was presented with a replica of the plaque, and the first Mary Pardee Founders’ Award was presented to Peggy Reding in grateful recognition of her 25 years of stewardship and dedicated service; and to Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church for their role in founding the organization and their sustained commitment and ongoing support.  Please check out our Facebook page for more pictures!

Dr. Norma Raiff, Dana Gold, Joann Cyganovich

Dr. Norma Raiff, former Executive Director; Dana Gold, founding Executive Director; and Joann Cyganovich, Executive Director