Her recovery journey starts today.

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Recovery from substance use disorder is a long, oftentimes lonely, and winding journey. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Through Sojourner House’s 30 years of experience partnering with the community to support mothers in recovery and their families, we know you can be the light that guides their path forward.

Break the Stigma on Recovery from
Substance-Use Disorder

Patty’s Journey of Recovery

Patty is a dear friend to Sojourner House. Her story of recovery often helps mothers in recovery realize that they are not alone and there is light at the end of the dark, winding path of recovery. 

Patty met her drug of choice in her early 20s when she was married and had a young son. By the time her son was 2 years old, Patty was divorced and headed down a long, painful road. With worsening addiction, she was unable to hold down a job and had to make the difficult choice to give up her parental rights. “If I had a program like Sojourner House,” said Patty, “Mine and my son’s life would have been better.”

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Nishauna Ball sharing her Sojourner House story

Nishauna’s story of how Sojourner House changed her life

Nishauna is not just a current board member and former employee who has worked by our side, but she was also a former child who has lived at Sojourner House with her mother recovering from substance use disorder. 

“I didn’t necessarily understand everything at the moment,” said Nishauna about her past experience of living at Sojourner House. “But I feel like it is where my mom and I bonded for the first time. And being in a stable situation for the first time.”

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30 Years of Impact on Recovery in the Region

Your Support
Lights the Way

Mothers in recovery and their families need life-saving services. Your generous gifts, no matter the amount, will make a difference to mothers and children rebuilding their lives.

Support for Families in Recovery at Every Step

For service and program inquiries, call us any time at 412-441-7783

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

24-hour residential rehabilitation services to 14 mothers recovering from substance use disorder and their children at any given time. Mothers can bring three children with them and stay up to six months while receiving intensive treatment for their addiction.

Sojourner House is the only program in Allegheny County that provides each family with their own apartment while the mother receives treatment. The family can begin their journey of living as an independent, drug-free family while securely surrounded by round-the-clock support.

Learn more about eligibility and details of the Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

Sojourner House MOMS (Motivation Opportunities Mentoring Spirituality) Supportive Housing

Transitional housing and comprehensive support services to people in recovery and their families for up to one year.

Families live in apartments and receive home-based, intensive case management services. At the same time, the participants work with Sojourner House staff to maintain abstinence and mental health stability to gain back self-sufficiency.

Learn more about eligibility and details of the Supportive Housing Services

Sojourner House MOMS Permanent Housing

Shelter to people in recovery and their children and guidance to transition back into the community.

To support participants’ recovery journey, Sojourner House MOMS focuses on strengthening family relationships, promoting self-sufficiency, long-term sobriety, and mental health recovery in a supportive community and safe environment.

Learn more about eligibility and details of the Permanent Housing Services