Sojourner House Board of Directors

Sojourner House, Inc. has two stand alone programs – drug and rehab treatment and housing. As each program has distinct needs, there is a board of directors for each. Below is our board of directors and officers for both programs.

Sojourner House

Liz Harrington, President
Sarah Mayer, Vice President
Chad Restori, CFP, Treasurer
Reverend Jeff Tindall, Secretary
Judge Cheryl Allen
Yodit Betru, DSW, LCSW
Dr. Robert N. Breit, M.D.
Kelly M. Dane
Nancy D. Davis
Becky DiLettuso, MSW
Lisa Iadicicco
Jacqueline Keiner-Szwarc
Christie Smith
Kristy Storms

Sojourner House MOMS

Maelene Myers, President
Christie Smith, Treasurer
Yodit Betru, DSW, LCSW
Gloria Brown
Gary J. Cirrincione
Dr. Staci Flint
Donna Jackson
Tammy Thompson
Reverend Samuel Ware


Sojourner Honorary Board

Assistant Chief Maurita Bryant
Michael T. Flaherty, Ph.D.
Margaret J. Forbes
Mildred Morrison
Kenneth S. Ramsey, Ph.D.
Peggy Reding
Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.
Aaron Walton

Board of Directors Opportunity

Sojourner House and Sojourner House MOMS are currently recruiting new board members. By becoming a board member you have the opportunity to share your talents and help families to overcome addiction and thrive.

New board members will serve a three-year term and have the following responsibilities:

  1. Attend bi-monthly board meetings, typically located in East Liberty
  2. Serve on at least one committee, taking on various related responsibilities
  3. Take an active role in fundraising
  4. Uphold the integrity of the organization

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